Fairy wild
Fairy wild


Fairy wild game game that comes from fairy stories. A new game that managed to attract a lot of attention from gamers. This game that is presented by novomatic invites a lot of fun with attractive image forms and beautiful colors. Various types of fairies you will find in the game.

You will not only find fairies but also beautiful flowers and shady trees that you can see in the fairy wild game. This game in the form of 5 reels will provide a game payout value. The amount that can be obtained is 25 values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be paid by novomatic. This fairy wild game has a background theme about the forest.

Let’s play and find the symbols

Precioviagragenericoespana – A beautiful forest inhabited by a beautiful fairy With some animals, and fresh flowers. The soundtrack is filled with mysterious but engrossing tones that make the eyes of those who see it will not let go. If you are still curious about the fairy wild game, gamers can stop by and play this game. There will be several buttons available in the game.

One of them is game info. By pressing info, gamers will find several forms of symbols with the value of each symbol in the fairy wild game. In the game, you will meet beautiful fairies, white moons, yellow moons, birds with flowers, butterflies, harps, forest core trees and wild writings and don’t forget the card marks from 9, 10, J, Q, K, and Ace. .

pretty fairies and flowers//fairy

Wild given by fairies

To be able to win the game, gamers can only pray that fairies will be present in the game cycle. The presence of fairies will provide an opportunity to win in the game. The fairy will move her magic wand and then change the symbol to wild writing. The presence of fairies is not known when because fairies are present when they want to exist.

The fairy will come back by giving the word wild and in one of the rows of fairies will change the wild by expanding and gamers will get the value immediately. It’s not just once gamers will get an expanding wild because the fairy will come again and give a wild sign again.

The presence of free spins

Fairies will continue to be present until they form 5 wilds so gamers get free spins. A bonus game in the form of free spins can provide an opportunity to win. You will get 12 free spins in the fairy wild game. Fairies who are present can be said to be intermediaries who convert all symbols into wilds.

Fairy wild is a type of game that uses real money bets. Games that are easy to play without being complicated. Fairy wild game is a type of game that gives us the opportunity to see beautiful and beautiful scenery. There we will find some unexpected beauties, fairy wilds become beautiful magical creatures that help maintain the beauty of nature.

Play games automatically

The fairy will exert its power to protect nature with one swing then the power of the wand will come out and show the glow of the fairy wand. When gamers feel playing games looks less satisfying. Gamers can press the help button in the form of auto. Auto in the game is a sign that the game will play automatically.

No need to press the start button over and over again. Just pay attention to the symbols that are present and see what symbols can give value. With the automatic, the screen will move on its own and the winning value is ready to be obtained.