Book of ra two symbols

Book of ra two symbols
Book of ra two symbols

Book of ra two symbols novomatic

Book of ra two symbols is a type of game that releases the latest game model. Although the book of ra game is a popular game in many circles, many gamers still feel lacking so they try to find new games. Hearing this response, Novomatic tried to make this Egyptian series game liked again with different titles and types of games.

Finally, novomatic presents an Egyptian-style game with a different version. The most fun thing about playing the game is when you get free spins and unexpected doubles. In the game book of ra two symbols not only give free spins but also give gamers a chance in expanding game symbols. Allows you to enjoy high scores and easy wins.

Game symbol

Precioviagragenericoespana – To be able to enjoy symbols with high values ​​and free spins, you have to turn on an extra bet on the book of ra two symbols game. The form of the game that the book of ra two symbols game will have is 5 rolls. The types of wins available in the game are 10 absolute wins that can make you win quickly.

Wanting to know the game can be very easy, you just need to enter the game info, in the info gamers can find several different symbols and values ​​in each game symbol. The symbols that gamers will find when playing the book of ra two symbols game are images of Indiana, beetles, pharaohs, books, winged statues, and remy Asm symbols K, Q, J, and 10.

great symbol
scatter that presents 2 symbols//great symbol

Free spins

Books are the most important sign in the game book of ra, two symbols can be wild and scatter. For the wild can replace all symbols and scatter will give value as well as give some symbols that will help gamers win. scatter not only gives value but will also get free spins.

Get 3 books to be able to activate free spins. An active free spin will issue 2 books to select symbols. So during the free spins gamers will get 2 symbols that help give value and symbols that expand so that gamers can win quickly. The amount you get when you get 3 books is 15 spins.

Place an extra bet

That’s why the title of the game book of ra two symbols because when 3 books appear, gamers don’t get 1 book but get 2 books to determine 2 symbols that can help gamers win. How are you still curious about the book of ra two symbols game?

If gamers are still curious, they can immediately play and feel the pounding when playing the game. What distinguishes the previous game can be seen from the value of the money at stake. For the book of ra game, you don’t use a lot of bets, but for the book of ra two symbols game, you will use quite a lot of money because gamers have to place bets when they get an extra bet.

Symbol values

This applies if gamers do not get a transition from the book of ra two symbols game. When getting free spins, expanding symbols, and some game settings, gamers don’t need to use extra beds. Symbol values ​​that can make gamers win easily, such as:

– Indiana plots: 2, 3, 4, and 5 = 20, 200, 2,000, and 10,000

– Books 3, 4, and 5 = 40, 400, and 4,000

– Pharaohs 2, 3, 4, and 5 = 10, 80, 800 and 4,000

– Wing man and beetle both symbols that have the same value 2, 3, 4, and 5 = 10, 60, 200, and 1,500

– A and K 2 signs that have the same sum 3, 4, and 5 = 10, 80, and 300

– Q, J and 10 3 symbols that give 3,4, and 5 wins = 10, 50 and 200